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I would like to start this interview by thanking you for the opportunity of getting closer to you in the middle of a tour like this. It is a pleasure.

Probably nowadays it is not difficult to find a fan of Queen, but to create a band with people willing to play the hits of Queen in front of a massive audience is a next level. ¿How was the process to create this tribute band?

KimThe tribute band business has become very competitive in the last years and we know that good musicians, costumes and passion for Queen music are not enough to make a great tribute band. You need to be good actors to get the body language of Freddie, Brian, Roger and John right. You need to get that massive sound, the right scenic design, lights, costumes, props and so on. Queen are the masters of rock shows and getting it right is a very tricky task.

The dammed Coronavirus has put the culture and artistic sector close to the edge, ¿how are you living all this situation? ¿Could you find something positive in all this madness?

KimWe take it one day at a time, I guess it’s good to know that even with this pandemic, we’re one of the few shows that sells enough tickets to fill up a venue.


This question is focused specially on Giuseppe Malinconico. We all know that the shadow of Freddie Mercury is huge and his legacy is eternal.  The pressure could be massive, and with some ‘special fans’ could be difficult. How do you prepare yourself for the show with this ocean of expectations, in terms of ‘dealing’, in such a successful way?

GiuseppeI was raised with bread and music (as we say in Italy). I’ve listened to Queen since I can remember because my father is a Freddie fan too. It’s because of Queen and Freddie that I started learning the piano and loving music so playing him on the stage comes really natural to me. I never really “studied” singing, I think I’m just a good mime (I can replicate Louis Armstrong vocal style quite good too ahaha). Before a show I just re-watch in my mind the Wembley exhibition (that I saw thousand of times in my childhood) and I imagine to transform into Freddie Mercury, this is my way to get in character.

You have many shows in Spain, almost one after another. How do you deal with all the physical requirement for such an intense tour? Can you enjoy, at least a little bit, each city that receives you in such affective way?

SebastianoWe travel a lot and it’s not always easy, you know, taking flights, trains and so on may be stressful, but we do our best to sleep and eat well in order to face the journey. We try to enjoy the cities where we play as much as we can, we take good memories of each city we visit with us, but unfortunately time is not always on our side during the trip. We come to Spain every year, it’s such a beautiful country, a bit crazy, but we love it!

And last but not least, as we are so close to the Christmas time … Lets play assumtions: We have been good kids all this year, and Freddie Mercury who is our personal Santa, wants to give us a present in form of song, singing just one song of all his discography, which one would you choose?

Paolo – At this Christmas time I think the best gift is being able to be surrounded by the love of the people we love … we all need “somebody to love”

Thank you once more for your time and attention to La Sexta Cuerda, all our readers and to myself. I wish you lots of success for the rest of this year and the following 2022.

Long live the Queen!!

Freddie, ¿eres tú?

Sobre Paúl Arciniega Benavides

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